Prof. Robert Evans, 5 Jul 2018

Prof. Robert Evans, 5 July 5 2018

July 5 (Thu) 2018, 14:00-16:00

Kyoto University Katsura Campus A4-115

Structural Crossover in Hard Sphere Mixtures and other Liquids: Theory and Experiment

Prof. Robert Evans, University of Bristol, UK

For binary fluid mixtures of spherical particles in which the two species are sufficiently different in size, the dominant wavelength of oscillations common to all three partial pair correlation functions h ij (r) is predicted to change from roughly the diameter of the large species to that of the small species along a sharp structural crossover line in the mixture phase diagram. From particle-resolved experiments on binary hard-sphere-like colloids in 3 dimensions we demonstrate that crossover exists and that the location of the structural crossover line in the phase diagram is in quantitative agreement with the results of both theory and our Monte-Carlo simulations. In contrast with earlier claims, we find that structural crossover is unrelated to percolation. We also show how in one-component models with two competitive length scales the locus of the structural crossover line in the liquid state indicates where in the phase diagram quasi-crystals might form.
[Work with the groups of C.P. Royall (Bristol) and A.J. Archer (Loughborough)]

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