Dr. Giulio Giusteri, 6 Nov 2018

Date&Time: November 6 (Tue.) 2018, 14:00-15:00
Venue: Kyoto University Katsura Campus A4-115
Speaker: Dr Giulio G. Giusteri (Politecnico di Milano)

From stress projections to material functions for complex fluids

A general decomposition of the stress tensor for incompressible fluids will be introduced. It is given in terms of the stress components on a tensorial basis adapted to the local flow conditions, which include extensional flows, simple shear flows, and any type of mixed flows. This decomposition offers an essential tool for interpreting the non-Newtonian response in generic flows [1]. They are useful to coherently organize experimental and computational data and to set up multiscale simulations. The material functions that can be associated with the components of the stress on the adapted basis provide a major generalization of the classical viscometric functions.

[1] G. G. Giusteri and R. Seto. A theoretical framework for steady-state rheometry in generic flow conditions. J. Rheol., 62(3):713–723, 2018.

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