Invited Talks at International Conferences

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Impact of wall constraint on the dynamics of self-propelled particles" Molecular and materials simulation at the turn of the decade: Celebrating 50 years of CECAM
(Lausanne, Switzerland) [2019/09/09-12].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "The unique dynamics of spherical micro-swimmers with rotlet" The 2019 International Workshop on Soft Matter and Biophysics Theories (SMBT-2019)
(Beijing, China) [2019/05/11-14].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Dynamics of externally driven particles and micro-swimmers in fluids" CECAM Workshop on Emergent dynamics and self-assembly of out-of-equilibrium colloids
(Lausanne, Switzerland) [2019/03/11-13].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Control of cell colony growth by contact inhibition" The 8th Conference on Exploring Next-Generation Materials Science and Nanoscience (8th CENG-MSN) and Workshop on Soft and Nano Materials Orchestrated with Wisdom from Japan 2019 (SNOWJ 2019)
(Niseko, Japan) [2019/01/11-15].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Active matter modeling: swimming microorganisms / crawling and proliferating cells on substrate" The Active Matter Workshop 2019
(Tokyo, Japan) [2019/01/11-12].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "DNS for collective behaviors of spherical micro-swimmers" Advances in Physics on Emergent Order of Active Matter
(Kanazawa, Japan) [2018/11/19].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Highly non-trivial motions of crawling and proliferating cells on substrate" The Erice Workshop on Self-Organization in Active Matter: from Colloids to Cells
(Erice, Italy) [2018/10/02-05].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Collective motions of crawling and proliferating cells on substrate: A particle-based model with contact inhibitions" The 12th Mini-Symposium on Liquids
(Fukuoka, Japan) [2018/06/30-07/01].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "The emergence of collective motion: from glass to biological systems" CerSJ-GOMD Joint Symposium on Glass Science and Technologies
(Kyoto, Japan) [2016/11/16].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Collective Motion of Cells Crawling on a Substrate" The 4th International Conference on Molecular Simulation (ICMS2016)
(Shanghai, China) [2016/10/23-2016/10/26].

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Collective motion of active swimming particles analogous to acoustic wave propagation" The 2015 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (PACIFICHEM 2015)
(Honolulu, USA) [2015/12/15-2015/12/20]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Anomalous wave-propagation in an active swimmer dispersion" Japan-France Joint Seminar "New Frontiers in Non-equilibrium Physics of Glassy Materials"
(Kyoto, Japan) [2015/08/11-2015/08/14]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Simulating Particles Moving through Fluids" Physics of Structural and Dynamical Hierarchy in Soft Matter
(Tokyo, Japan) [2015/03/16-2015/03/18]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "DNS of colloidal dispersions using the smoothed profile method: formulation and applications" High Performance and Parallel Computing for Materials Defects and Multiphase Flows
(Singapore) [2015/03/02-2015/03/06]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) of Swimming Particles" International symposium and workshop on Computational condensed matter: advances and challenges (CompMat2014)
(Whitehaven, The Lake District, UK) [2014/09/07-2014/09/09]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Acoustic vs. Viscous Momentum Transports between Colloidal Particles" The AIMR International Symposium 2014 (AMIS 2014)
(Sendai, Japan) [2014/02/17-2014/02/19]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Smoothed Profile Method for DNS of Particle Dispersions" 3rd International Conference on Molecular Simulation (ICMS-2013)
(Kobe, Japan) [2013/11/18-2013/11/20]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Simulations of colloids and self-propelled particles with fully resolved hydrodynamics" Physics of Complex Colloids (COMPLOID-2013)
(Ljubljana, Slovenia) [2013/05/14-2013/05/18]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Modeling and applications of particle-hydrodynamics hybrid method for self-propelled particles" NIC (John von Neumann Institute for Computing) workshop "Hybrid particle-continuum methods in computational materials physics"
(Juelich, Germany) [2013/03/04-2013/03/07]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Simulations of Colloids and Self-propelled Particles with Fully Resolved Hydrodynamics" Workshop on the Open Problems of the Glass Transition and Related Topics,
(Fukuoka, Japan) [2012/12/16-2012/12/20]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "DNS of hydrodynamically interacting colloids and self-propelling particles" CECAM workshop on "Fluid-structure interactions in soft-matter systems: from the mesoscale to the macroscale",
(Prato, Italy) [2012/11/26-2012/11/30]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Computational Science for Soft Materials", The 1st Kyoto and Saudi Arabian Universities Workshop,
(Kyoto, Japan) [2012/11/07-2012/11/08]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Multiscale simulations of polymeric flow" Conference on Computational Physics (CCP2012)
(Kobe, Japan) [2012/10/14-2012/10/18]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Simulations of self-propelled particles with fully resolved hydrodynamics " Lorentz Center international workshop on "Modelling the dynamics of complex molecular systems"
(Leiden, The Netherlands) [2012/08/13-2012/09/07]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "A general constitutive model for supercooled liquids: mechanical response to 3-dimentional flow", WPI-AIMR Workshop "Structure and Dynamics of Glass -Bridging mathematics and material science-"
(Sendai, Japan) [2012/06/27-2012/06/29]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Multiscale Simulations for Polymeric Flow: Particle-CFD Coupling Model", KITP conference on "Modeling soft matter: linking multiple length and time scales",
(Santa Barbara, USA) [2012/06/04-2012/06/08]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Mechanical Responses and Stress Fluctuations of a Strongly Sheared Supercooled Liquid", The 5th International Discussion Meeting on Glass Transition,
(Sendai, Japan) [2012/02/27-2012/03/01]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "DNS (direct numerical simulation) approach for the dynamics of colloidal dispersions", 14th Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress, APCChE 2012,
(Suntec Center, Singapore) [2012/2/21-24]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, " Mechanical response of supercooled liquid to 3D shear flow", French-Japanese meeting on Jamming, Glasses and Phase transitions,
(Institute of Henri Poincare, Paris, France ) [2011/12/7-10]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Multiscale Simulations for Polymeric Flow", CECAM Workshop on "Multiscale Modeling of Simple and Complex Liquid Flow Using Particle-Continuum Hybrids",
(ZCAM, Zaragoza, Spain) [2011/10/5-7]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct numerical simulations of colloidal particles under DC and AC electric fields", CECAM Workshop on "New Challenges for the Simulation of Electrokinetic Phenomena",
(Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France) [2011/5/4-6]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct Numerical Simulations for Colloidal Dispersions", 11th International conference on "Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences",
(ICCES'11)(Grand Metro Park Hotel, Nanjing, China) [2011/4/18-21]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct Numerical Simulations of Colloidal Dispersions", International workshop on "Fundamental process of electrokinetics in relation to colloidal flocculation and sedimentation"
(Tsukuba University, Tsukuba) [2011/3/11-12]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Complex Dynamics of Colloidal Systems under External Force: DNS Approach to Resolve Hydrodynamic Interaction", Core-to-Core 2010 World Network Seminar on Advanced Particle Science and Technology,
(Miyako Messe Kyoto, Kyoto) [2010/11/23-26]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Complex dynamics of colloidal systems under external force: DNS approach to resolve hydrodynamic interaction", Workshop on "the Dynamics of the Glass/Jamming Transition" in celebration of the 80th birthday of Prof. Kyozi Kawasaki
(Novotel Ambassador Busan, Korea) [2010/09/8-11]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct numerical simulations of colloidal dispersions: Smoothed profile method", CECAM workshop on "Mesoscale methods for colloidal hydrodynamics",
(CECAM-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland) [2010/07/19-21]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Systematic analyzes on growing time/length scales in the dynamics of supercooled liquids", International conference on "Emerging Concepts in Glass Physics",
(KITP at UCSB, Santa Barbara, USA) [2010/06/21-25]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "An application of multiscale simulations to flows of complex fluids", International Conference on "Multiscale Modeling and Simulations of Hard and Soft Materials"
(Bangalore, India) [2009/12/17-20]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Dynamics of colloidal particles in external fields", International Workshop on "Dynamic Cross-Effect in Softly Condensed Matter"
(Tokyo, Japan) [2009/11/04-05]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "An application of multi-scale simulations to flows of polymeric fluids" The 32nd Advanced Particle Handling Science Seminar
(Kyoto, Japan) [2009/09/20]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Rheological properties of polymer melt between rapidly oscillating plates: an application of multiscale modeling", IMA Annual Program Year Workshop "Molecular Simulations: Algorithms, Analysis, and Applications"
(Minneapolis, USA) [2009/05/18-22]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct numerical simulations for the dynamics of colloidal dispersions", Joint Mini-Symposium between Chemical Engineering Dept., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan and Chemical Science and Technology Div., Kyoto University,
(Kyoto, Japan) [2009/02/10]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Kinetic Heterogeneity Revisited: A Normal Mode Analysis", Japan-France bilateral meeting on Frontier of Glassy Physics
(Kyoto, Japan) [2008/11/19-23]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct Numerical Simulations for Electrokinetics of Colloids", The 5th International Conference "Interface Against Pollution"
(Kyoto, Japan) [2008/06/01-04]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct numerical simulations of colloidal dispersions: electrophoresis, thermal fluctuations, shear thickening, etc" International Symposium "Frontiers of Advanced Particle Handling Science"
(Kyoto, Japan) [2008/01/28-29]

R. Yamamoto, "Supercooled Liquids under Shear - Computational analysis on single and collective particle motions -" Workshop on Fundamental Issues in Metallic Glasses
(Guilin and Kunming, China) [2007/10/22-26]

Ryoichi Yamamoto, "Direct Numerical Simulations of Colloidal Dispersions under External Force" The 10th Advanced Particle Handling Science Seminar
(Kyoto, Japan) [2007/07/28]

R. Yamamoto, "Smoothed profile method to simulate colloidal particles in complex fluids" Japan-USA bilateral meeting on Simulations of Complex Behavior from Simple Models
(Maui, Hawaii, USA) [2006/07/17-21]

R. Yamamoto, "Strict Simulation of Motion of Colloidal Particles and Medium" MRS 2006 Spring National Meeting
(San Francisco, USA) [2005/04/17-21]

R. Yamamoto, "Smoothed profile method to simulate colloidal particles in complex fluids" Pacifichem 2005
(Honolulu, USA) [2005/12/15-20]

R. Yamamoto, "Strict Simulations of Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Colloids" The 14th Nisshin Engineering Particle Technology International Seminar (NEPTIS-14) on Interactions of Colloidal Dispersions in Coating Process and Related Matters
(Hakone, Japan) [2005/12/04-06]

R. Yamamoto, "Nonequilibrium dynamics of supercooled liquids" Japan-France bilateral meeting on Recent advances in glassy physics
(Paris, France) [2005/09/26-29]

R. Yamamoto, "Strict and efficient simulation method for colloidal dispersions" JST Symposium Towards Multiscale Modeling in Soft Matter
(Tokyo, Japan) [2005/06/21-22]

R. Yamamoto, "Supercooled Liquids under Shear: Computational Approach" 17th Annual Workshop on "Recent Developments in Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed Matter Physics"
(Athens, USA) [2004/02/16-20]

R. Yamamoto, "A Smooth Interface Method for Simulating Particle Dispersions Interacting via Liquid-Crystal Solvents" ESF Exploratory Workshop on Liquid Crystal Colloid Dispersions
(Bled, Slovenia) [2003/08/28-30]

R. Yamamoto, "Slow Dynamics and Unusual Flow Behavior of Glassy Materials " The 5th Annual Japanese-American Frontiers of Science (JAFoS), Co-organized by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and U.S. National Academy of Sciences [www]
(Irvine, USA) [2002/12/06-08]

R. Yamamoto, "Dynamics and Rheology of supercooled liquids" International Workshop on Slow Dynamics and Glass Transition
(Bangalore, India) [2002/01/06-09]

R. Yamamoto, "Computer simulations for colloidal particles in nematic LC solvents" Termly Soft Condensed Matter Meeting (Newton meeting) at Newton Institute, Cambridge University
(Cambridge, UK) [2001/01/15]

R. Yamamoto, "Heterogeneity and finite size effects in the dynamics of supercooled liquids" International Workshop on Dynamics in Confinement
(Grenoble, France) [2000/01/26-29]

R. Yamamoto, "Large scale long-lived heterogeneity in the dynamics of supercooled liquids" Japan-US bilateral meeting on Computational Physics
(Mauii, USA) [1999/07/27-30]

R. Yamamoto, "Dynamics of Highly Supercooled Liquids under Shear" The Complex Liquids Symposium
(Nagoya, Japan) [1997/11/10-12]

R. Yamamoto, "Kinetic heterogeneities and nonlinear rheology in a highly supercooled liquid" The 2nd Thowa University International Meeting on Statistical Physics
(Fukuoka, Japan) [1997/11/04-07]

R. Yamamoto, "Nonlinear rheology of a highly supercooled liquid" The 3rd International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Sytems
(Vigo, Spain) [1997/06/30-07/11]