Computational Science for Soft Matters

Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University


  • Call for applications for 3-years PhD program. Link
  • As for summer internship of foreign students in Japanese universities, it is usually not possible to cover their travel/living expenses due to our strict budget policy. Finding supports from other agencies such as MEXT and JSPS is necessarily on applicant's responsibility.
  • Advanced Colloid Simulator "KAPSEL-3" released.

Research Outline

We have been working on various transport phenomena of complex fluids and soft matters (complex fluids, polymers, colloids, etc) by mainly using methods of computer simulations. Microscopic simulations, known as molecular dynamics (MD) and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, have widely been used for material”Ēs simulations in general. Such microscopic simulations, however, tend to require enormous computation time for performing meaningful simulations of complex fluids and soft matters because meso- or macro-scale phenomena are of particular interest often for them. Alternative strategies based on new ideas are definitely needed to achieve meaningful simulations for those complex systems. We thus aim to develop unique and new methodologies useful in chemical engineering by using recent progress of several theoretical approaches, while empirical methods have mainly been used to analyze transport phenomena in chemical engineering so far.

  1. Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) for colloidal dispersions
  2. Multi-scale simulations for soft matters
  3. Modeling of biological tissues including cell division and death


Department of Chemical Engineering
Kyoto University
Kyoto University-Katsura, Kyoto 615-8510, Japan
Chemical Engineering Fundamentals Research Area
Transport Phenomena Lab. (Yamamoto Lab.)
TEL: +81-75-753-7531 (Kyoto University General Reception)

When you arrive in Katsura Campus, please first go to the main entrance of A2 building (the ground level is 3F of the building). Keep the same floor passing through A3 building and a skywalk to A4 building. Use a staircase down to 1F. We are in rooms 113-119.