How to make hand-made Lava Lamp (English Version)

When I made my lava-lamp, I referred the home page in I think this is good guide to make lava lamp. I am writing how to make a lava lamp according to my experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. When I made my lava lamp, I used an isopropanol (=isopropyl alcohol) (99%) as a transparent host medium and a mineral oil which I brought at a store. The difficult point to make a lava-lamp is to control a concentration of the mixture of the isopropanol and pure water. The density of the mixture should be a little bit smaller than or the same with that of the mineral oil. This is done by diluting the isopropanol solution by pure water. After heating the whole system by the actual lamp which is located at the inside of a can, the density of the mineral oil should be a little bit bigger than that of the host medium. This control of the density is one of the important points. 2. In my case, it took a time to find a drug store where I can buy a such a high percentage isopropanol (99%). Because drug stores in towns usually sell a diluted isopropanol solution for sterilization, I had to find a special drug store. 3. I think the selection of mineral oil is also important. Some mineral oil contains various impurities, and the impurities sometimes can dissolve into the isopropanol solution, which make the transperency of the solution worse ! In such a case, we can not see the shape of the oil due to the turbid solution. So, the selection of the oil is also important. 4. The selection of the size and the shape of the bottle and the size of the can, in which the 100-Watt lamp will be located, are important. In my case, the bottle is 18 cm high, whose radius is about 10cm. The can is also the same size with the bottle. I enter the a coil made by, maybe, iron. The above is what I did when I made my lava-lamp. If you sucessfully make your lava lamp, It's my pleasure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------